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"Portland-based funk founded on musicianship and creativity. . . Funk for everyone"


Using the relaxed atmosphere of Portland, Oregon as a launching platform, Alden and the Ambiance is breaking into the northwest scene with a duty to the booty to perform contemporary funk. Consisting of enthusiastic funk players, The Ambiance’s vision involves laying down the boogie and keeping it there, guaranteeing an experience at every show.

Bassist and bandleader Alden formed the Ambiance after playing music for years in joint projects. In addition to featuring guest emcees, singers, and soloists, the Ambiance has a cast of heavily-gigging musicians who draw on their own experiences for musical influence, for a greasy, dirty, booty-shaking funk performance. 

Alden Zac

Born into a musical family, Alden began studying music at five years old with the Suzuki Technique. After several years of intensive ear training, he began studying classical piano, cementing the foundation of his broad interests across genres. He continued to study piano as his interest in viola and electric bass began to blossom in his middle school years. High school led to playing bass in his sister’s band. The first two albums he ever owned – one handed to him by his mother, one by his father – were the Talking Heads' "Little Creatures" and Jeff Beck's "Blow by Blow." The latter in particular paved his way for playing funky grooves, and bass quickly became his focus after high school.

He now resides in Portland, Oregon, and plays in multiple projects regularly. He earned a degree in Philosophy from Portland State University, as the conceptual boundaries between perception and creation have always interested him. He constantly draws on his past as a classical musician in chamber groups as he performs with groups currently, but also enjoys drawing upon influences from classic rock, progressive rock, funk, and alternative hip hop as he creates new music.


In addition to music, Alden loves coffee, swimming, getting tattooed, and dominating at Mario Kart.

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